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The St. Gallen Business School provides specific seminars in english language. The combination of St. Gallen management knowledge and international experience provides participants with all instruments and methodologies needed to perform as successful manager in the 21. century.

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International Senior Management Program  

This international 13-day program (3 parts) offers an integrated approach to management. This course was specifically designed to improve the personal knowledge in international management. Every part concentrates on one specific topic: Strategic & Marketing Management (Seminar language: German), Finance (Seminar Language: English) and Leadership (Seminar language: English).

International Junior Management Program  

The "International Junior Programme" is designed for younger managerial staff at lower and middle levels wishing to prepare themselves for a more challenging leadership role. They have already proven their initial eligibility, but have so far acquired little or no international management experience. Topics: Strategy, Marketing ( Part 1), Leadership (Part 2), Financial Management (Part 3), Management Game (Part 4)

Strategy Week Boston  

This intense strategy course in English is designed for executives with basic knowledge and experience in strategic management. Current knowledge will be critically questioned and new strategy approaches and proven best practices will be introduced.

Leadership Week Boston 

One-week intensive course for improving leadership skills on the executive level. Based on current challenges and topics, theme-centred discussions and directed interaction promote the participants to increase their leadership abilities.

Finance Week London  

In this intensive course "Finance Week London" senior and executive managers get a thorough understanding how an organization, a business unit, or a profit center should be managed financially enabling it to achieve substantial growth of performance and increased net worth. Systematically and logically you will experience which relevant financial decisions have to be made by executives and which impulses and inputs have to be given to Finance and Controlling.

Strategic & Marketing Management for Talents  

The 3-day seminar "Strategy & Marketing Management for Juniors" is designed for young professionals, junior managers and middle management members wishing to strenghten their ability in strategic decision making and marketing.

Leadership for Talents 

“Leadership for Talents” (3-day seminar) addresses younger executives of lower and middle management layers preparing themselves for the next challenge in their career.

Financial Management for Talents 

This 3-day course aims to explain and train, step by step, the financial management system and its specific impact on various areas of the enterprise. A highly practical, hands-on approach makes for an exciting and stimulating learning experience.

Asia Week 

This seminar was launched to show executives how an organization can grow better and faster by using the typical and different strengths of Asian research, production and consumer markets.

Current seminars in english language:

Leadership for Talents
Nr. 77117
30.06.2017 - 02.07.2017
Hotel Adula, Flims-Waldhaus 
Price: Sfr. 3200,- / € 2880,-
(plus 8% MwSt.)
Finance Week London
Nr. 52217
04.09.2017 - 07.09.2017
LSE London School of Economics & Political Science, London 
Price: Sfr. 4900,- / € 4450,-
Financial Management for Talents
Nr. 58217
15.09.2017 - 17.09.2017
Radisson Blu Hotel, Luzern 
Price: Sfr. 2900,- / € 2550,-
(plus 8% MwSt.)