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Unsere Ansprechpartner:

Ulrich von Bassewitz, Dr oec. HSG
Direktor Studiengänge

Lars Scheibling, M.A. HSG
Dipl. Wirtschaftspädagoge

Christian Muntwiler, lic. oec. HSG
Direktor Inhouse Seminare & Consulting
Studienleitung und Dozent

Effective Negotiation and Communication


    You will engage in a variety of negotiation simulations and receive immediate feedback.


    As a manager and leader you constantly need to represent your company. To achieve the best results and desired goals for your business, your team, your ideas and projects you need to master the art of  negotiation. Interdisciplinary negotiation, communication and reasoning skills are of decisive importance.

    The challenge is always to reach a constructive agreement with customers, superiors, colleagues, suppliers or even politicians or investors in such a way that a sustainable win-win strategy for all parties involved is generated.

    This intensive course is designed to improve your ability to conduct successful negotiations, not only by sharing current state-of-the-art knowledge but also by providing opportunities to practice and work on your skills. In addition, you will learn how to analyze negotiation partners and their motives thoroughly, group decision-making, specifi c team situations and how to keep a cool head in di cult situations.


    How to get started
    • Stakes of negotiating and measuring
      success of a negotiation

    • Learning how to negotiate: Understanding
      the process and common negotiation mistakes

    • Finding your negotiation style:
      cooperative or competitive bargaining?

    Without preparation it does not work
    • Choosing goals for a negotiation an
      preparing the main event

    • Finding where the other parties
      stand and creating an atmosphere for success

    • Understanding the main techniques,
      barriers, Dos and Don`ts

    • Using the correct attitude for motivation:
      Finding motivation and seeing both sides of thoughts

    • Correct and incorrect handshakes

    Survive in the process of negotiation
    • A positive negotiation atmosphere
      and a sense of benefi ts for your partner helps

    • Considering self-esteem of negotiation

    • Who, how, what? Anyone who does
      not ask remains stupid

    • Listening is also an art

    • Solving problems rather than being
      the problem

    • Help your negotiators to convince

    • Price negotiations: Special features
      in the context of price negotiations

    To come to a good conclusion and follow up

    • To ensure the success of the negotiations

    • What to do if the negotiators still

    • Negotiating the relationship

    • How to analyze the satisfaction of
      your negotiation partner

    • After the negotiation is before the

    Detail & Venues

    1st Accomplishment 2018 | E7118
    09.04.2018 - 11.04.2018
    See & Park Hotel Feldbach AG, Steckborn
    Preis: Sfr. 3.300,-/ € 2.970,-
    (plus 8% MwSt.)
    2nd Accomplishment 2018 | E7218
    22.10.2018 - 24.10.2018
    Hotel Radisson Blu, Luzern
    Preis: Sfr. 3.300,-/ € 2.970,-
    (plus 8% MwSt.)

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