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Marco Camozzi, MBA
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Lars Scheibling, M.A. HSG
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Christian Muntwiler, lic. oec. HSG
Direktor Inhouse Seminare & Consulting
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Strategy Week Boston


    This intense strategy course in English is designed for executives with basic knowledge and experience in strategic management. Current knowledge will be critically questioned and new strategy approaches and proven best practices will be introduced.


    This course introduces latest knowledge and strategic concepts and also shows examples of strategic implementation in top US corporations. The first three course days provide theoretical background information which will later be analyzed and applied in actual cases of leading American companies. We will observe how a business idea develops into a profitable market position, how to identify growing markets and how to spot market opportunities. We will discuss the use of strategic management tools and their implementation into strategic concepts in order to reach the ultimate strategic goal, which is an outstanding, long-lasting, profitable market position. Everybody will benefit from reaching this goal: shareholders as well as management and staff. Participants will analyze success factors and practice leadership skills to turn their knowledge into actual results. 


    1. Top and high-level executives

    2. Entrepreneurs, directors, board members, presidents, and executives

    3. Executives with general management responsibilities

    4. Managers of main departments with responsibility for results

    5. Executives preparing for new functions with strategic and operative responsibilities.


    1. Priority of Strategic Management

    - Essential strategic questions for managers

    - Strategic decision making for the future

    2. Recognizing Need for Change

    - Identify early growing markets

    - Participate in successful trends

    - Learn from your competitors

    - Better use of existing potential

    - Using core competencies to add value

    3. Aspects of the Leading Position

    - Survival requires leadership, for instance:

    - Market leader, cost leader

    - Quality leader, service leader

    - Flexibility leader

    - Leader in customer satisfaction

    - Marketing leader

    4. Choosing the Right Strategic Option

    - Defend and develop market positions

    - Define and develop new markets

    - Profit growth through cooperations, mergers or acquisitions

    5. Strategy Implementation

    - Implementation hurdles

    - Leadership roles: Strategist, initiator, motivator, coach

    - Strategic leadership: From intuitive leadership to balanced scorecard leadership 

    Detail & Venues

    Nr. 34217
    06.11.2017 - 10.11.2017
    Harvard Club Boston
    Preis: Sfr. 5.400,-/ € 4.900,-
    (plus 8% MwSt.)
    Nr. 34118
    11.06.2018 - 15.06.2018
    Harvard Club Boston
    Preis: Sfr. 5.400,-/ € 4.900,-
    (plus 8% MwSt.)
    Nr. 34218
    05.11.2018 - 09.11.2018
    Harvard Club Boston
    Preis: Sfr. 5.400,-/ € 4.900,-
    (plus 8% MwSt.)

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