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Management Consulting

The Integrated Consulting Approach St. Gallen

Our Understanding of Consulting

Successful consulting is characterized by the perception of an integrated, holistic perspective. Standard solutions, short-term pseudo-optimizations, quick shots and the proposal of management-trend measures are not part of such a perspective. Based on the proven, and well-known St. Gallen Management Approach – the “Concept of Integrated Management” – developed by our former scientific director, Prof. (emer.) Dr. Dres. h.c. Knut Bleicher – our Senior Consultants focus on your challenges – in order to support your company accomplishing the desired success.

Based on this framework we have established a reputation as realization-driven consultants. Success in implementation is our driving force and our benchmark. Cocreating action alternatives based on a holistic approach, cascading them to concrete and realistic measures and actively accompanying the implementation processes are in the focus of each consulting project.

Depending on the situation of our clients, our senior consultants may take charge as methodology supplier moderating a specific process. On the other hand, they may take the role of a coach basing substantial recommendations on their knowledge, the role of a critic questioning obtained solutions or they may be a trainer educating executives in the rules of entrepreneurial success, and empower them to cater implementation. More frequently, our clients request one of our senior consultants to become a full-time interim manager on their behalf.

The Business School St. Gallen has long lasting expertise and experiences in training and consulting of a holistic and integrated approach. In doing so consultants of the Business School St. Gallen are having a big and valuable network in order to give an all-embracing answer to the challenges of your company. As a consequence very often questions arise that go beyond financial ratios and deal with effective challenges of the company, as for example:

How can visions be beneficial? Why organizations do not implement them due to a lack of coordination of success factors and market positions? Why should markets be developed when finally, financial resources are missing or entrepreneurial risks reign? What is the use of implementing a system of objectives and qualifications when overcomplexity and difficult structures block any self-initiative from the beginning? Equals the customer of today the customer of tomorrow? Can we reach our prospective aims with the current processes? How can we empower employees in order to increase their performance? How to build up resources that capacitate for future innovations?

Holistic and integrated consulting means dealing with relevant questions and selecting information. Only this way it is possible to implement integral solutions in daily business and for example to build up a concrete, rentable market position, that guarantees a sustainable corporate development.

The Consultants and Lecturers of the Business School St. Gallen will be pleased to answer any questions you may have and to generate possible solutions for your company that convince you and your staffs and that we implement together with you.