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Michael Rabbat, Dipl.-Kfm.
MBA Chief Operating Officer

Claudia Hardmeier

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Boston Business School

Center for Financial Excellence

Leitung: Osama Rifai, lic.rer.pol. |

Osama Rifai
Center for
Financial Excellence

Die Institute der St. Gallen Business School sind nach Themen gegliedert.
Die Leitenden der einzelnen Kompetenzbereiche (Zentren) sind die direkten
Ansprechpartner/innen für eine Reihe von Dienstleistungen:

  • Inhouse Veranstaltungen, Management Development
  • Workshops, Coaching, Personalisiertes Wissen
  • Consulting, Unternehmensberatung


Finance, Financial Decision-Making

Financial Management for Executives
Effective financial management is an integral part of results oriented management.

Finance for Managers
This program provides a systematic training of finance and managerial accounting and shows you how they relate to effective management.

Executive Finance & Strategy
How to develop robust strategies for a successful future.


Increase Profitability & Shareholder Value

If you’re an executive with profit responsibility for a company, a business area, business unit or country, this program is designed just for you. Because you bear responsibility for financial management. You make decisions that determine to a great degree the financial well-being and stability of your company. How to carry-out these financial management tasks to realize excellent financial results and a healthy cash flow?

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