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International Senior Management Program


    Today’s managers have to be effective and motivating leaders who accomplish excellent results in their particular fields of responsibility and guide the company to success. This process requires an integrated management approach which takes international and global issues into consideration.

    Numerous factors and their relations need special awareness: global strategies, local marketing concepts, core competence processes, culturally diverse management and many more.

    The “International Senior Management Program” addresses all these subjects in several sessions during a total of 12 days. This course is especially designed for experienced managers who already hold a general management position with an international focus.


    1. Experienced managers who acquire a higher general management position in international fields
    2. Management committee and board members
    3. Managing directors, division or profit center managers
    4. Managers with high decisionmaking responsibility
    5. Managers responsible for strategic projects and major planning

    Course Modules

    Strategy: 4-day session, Topics: Strategy and Strategic Marketing
    Finance: 4-day session, Topics: Financial Management
    Leadership: 4-day session, Topics: Leadership

    Overview of Topics

    • Principles of General Management Success
    • Strategic Management
    • Change: The First Time Right
    • Financial Management
    • Cost Management
    • Controlling – Value Creation
    • Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Leadership
    • Implementation for Leaders

    Interactive Concept

    Skilled lecturers provide different approaches; professional business knowledge, actual business situations and case studies. Theoretical concepts are complemented with practical examples and thus guarantee a diverse, integrated approach. A mixture of interactive learning with small study groups challenges both, your leadership skills and your managerial communication skills.


    Principles of General Management Success

    • Corporate management in Hyper-Volatile Times
    • Reliable management principles
    • New global conditions: Megatrends

    Strategic Management

    • Alert managers recognize the right moment for a strategic turnaround: how to identify and harvest high potential markets
    • Keys to competitive advantage: New global strategies
    • Exploring the central strategic “plus” – Strategic segmentation
    • Business units versus corporate strategy – ways of handling the dilemma

    Change: The First Time Right

    • How to unleash a go-to-market process
    • Organizational alignment and functional concepts
    • Strategy implementation

    New Business Development

    • Future opportunities for businesses, products and markets: New models
    • Product life cycle management: development of an integrated product life cycle concept
    • Product ideas and their incorporation into international product strategies
    • Market management: Identification of growth and penetration potentials, digital markets: Think global, act local
    • Mass customization, Ingredient branding, digital market challenge, Industry 4.0

    Financial Management

    • An executive manager’s financial responsibilities
    • Evaluating financial statements: Gain insight into the structure of balance sheet, income statement and cash flow
    • Run for profit or cash flow?
    • Setting individual targets, differentiated by business models: think big, start small and grow fast

    Cost Management – Controlling

    • Importance of ongoing cost management
    • From process cost statement to cost management: Designing a profitability concept
    • Interpretation and analysis of controlling reports: actual cases
    • Business plans, investment and profit ability calculations

    Value Creation

    • Focusing the organization on value creation: Tactics to gain competitive advantage and increase corporate value – the value potential of a business
    • How monetary values are generated
    • Financing: options and costs
    • Go after growth and invest cash or return it to shareholders?

    Mergers and Acquisitions

    • Merge, spin-off or sell?
    • Planning a start-up: which business plans are worth the pain? What means «fail fast, but smart in figures»?


    • Transformational leadership - Vision, change and agility
    • Managing people: The art of leading, coaching, encouraging and challenging
    • Communication and negotiation skills, difficult conversations, conflicts, goal definition, handling critisism
    • Teams in Action: a leadership challenge for each participant
    • Resiliency - energy and resource management
    • Job satisfaction and motivation: Management in uncertainty
    • Leadership is a choice ... not a formal title

    Implementation for Leaders

    • Early identification of obstacles and barriers
    • Driving implementation; the most common barriers of implementation; roles of visionaries, strategists, executors, or coaches

    General Information

    Registration, Administration, Enrollment

    St. Gallen Business School
    Rosenbergstrasse 36
    CH-9000 St. Gallen

    Phone: +41 71 225 40 80

    Announcement, Confirmation, Hotel

    Please complete and return the attached registration form by e-mail or post.

    All announcements are accurately checked, in order to set up interesting groups.

    After checking the announcement you will get a written registration confirmation and the bill for the course fee as well as detailed information to the hotel and arrival. In case of an overbooked course we will contact you immediately. Hotel reservations are directly carried out by the participants. You benefit from a very reasonable seminar flat rate. Carefully selected hotels favour a stress-free learning atmosphere.

    Please note that partial participation in a course is only possible after consulting the study direction.

    Course Fee, Hotel costs, Topics

    The course fee (plus VAT, depending where the seminar takes place) includes tuition and all course material. Hotel charges as for example accommodation, breakfast, subsistence of the hotel or conference center are not included. These charges are billed by the Hotel directly to the participants. Of course it is possible not to spend the night at the seminar hotel. In that case you pay the daily delegate rate directly to the hotel as well. The daily delegate rate of the conference centers in London, Boston and Shanghai is billed directly by the St. Gallen Business School and forwarded to the conference center.

    The course fee is charged after the registration and has to be transferred by 6 weeks before the seminar starts.

    Please note that missed lectures due to tardiness or absence are not refunded and cannot be made up later. It may be necessary to apply minor changes to the program in order to guarantee a successful course.


    Due to the participation of the seminar you will get a seminar certificate.

    Information to the Seminar Hotels

    More information regarding our seminar hotels you can find directly on the internet (

    Change of Booking, Postponement

    If attendance at a seminar has, for compelling reasons, to be postponed, an administration fee of CHF 300.- will be charged. A re-scheduling is possible only up to 6 weeks before the start of the seminar, and only once. Seminars and parts of seminars not attended are forfeited. In the case of booking changes later than 6 weeks before the start of a seminar, following re-scheduling fees will be billed: up until 4 weeks prior to the start of the course, 20% of the course fee; up until 2 weeks prior to the start of the course, 40% of the course fee; up until 1 week prior to the start of the course, 80% of the course fee. In case of a later re-scheduling the entire seminar fee is forfeited. Alternatively, a booking for a substitute participant can be made up until 4 working days before the start of the seminar. For booking a substitute participant, an administration fee of CHF 300.– will be charged.

    If a participant is obliged for compelling reasons to change a booking for an individual seminar part so as to attend this in another session, then a change in booking fee of CHF 300.- will be charged. The participant should be aware, that in this case program adaptations or alterations may occur. Please therefore contact us 10 days before the start of the seminar in order to talk the seminar program over for preventing program overlaps.

    Cancellation / Withdrawal

    The cancellation of an enrolment (a complete withdrawal) is possible up until 3 months before the start of a seminar with-out charge. In the case of a cancellation (complete withdrawal) up until 8 weeks before the start of the seminar, 20% of the course fee will be charged, in the case of a cancellation (complete withdrawal) up until 6 weeks before the start of the seminar, 40% of the course fee will be charged. After this time, the entire course fee is to be paid as a forfeit, unless provision has been made via re-booking for a substitute participant.

    The booking of a replacement participant or deputisation is to be made at the latest 4 working days before the start of the seminar. In the case of booking a replacement participant, an administration fee of CHF 300.- falls due. In principle, seminars may, due to force majeure or because of an insufficient number of participants, be cancelled by the organiser at short notice, however only up until 3 weeks before the seminar start, without being liable for compensation for any resulting consequences.

    Insurance, Liability, Price Changes

    We recommend that you take out cancellation insurance policy covering cancellation due to illness and other occurrences. Likewise, it is the client’s own personal responsibility to insure against or cover all possible damages or losses which might either directly or indirectly arise from the attendance at a seminar. No matter whether it is due to accident, illness, personal liability, theft, cancellation of the seminar by the organiser, or from damage resulting from the use of the imparted Management knowledge on the part of any participant or the company appointed to us. Any liability on our part is expressly precluded. All matters are subject to Swiss law, the place of jurisdiction is St. Gallen. By the publication of new prospectus / brochures, all previous details pertaining to contents, speakers and prices cease to be valid.